The protective

Statement of the German Design Award jury:

"A versatile, durable, feature-rich car seat, the Tian Elite adapts to the needs of children and their body shapes as they grow. Clever additions, such as ventilation elements and built-in speakers, enhance and impress, while conforming to industry standards, such as safety, in a peerless execution of design."

Universal installation

To ensure that the baby can also sit securely in the car when they are with granny and grandpa, the Tian Elite can be universally, quickly and simply installed using the vehicle‘s seat belt. A flexible solution for every family.

Child seat that grows with them

One child seat for the whole childhood? The height-adjustable backrest with integrated headrest makes this possible. In this way, the child seat can be perfectly adjusted to the height of your child and automatically grows with them from nine months to twelve years.


Weighing approx. 8.6 kg, the Tian Elite can be quickly and easily lifted out of the vehicle, carried and reinstalled later. This makes things easier for mum and dad, but also for granny and grandpa. While we build our child seats, they are always designed with the entire family in mind.

Sound System

Integrated loudspeaker in the head area of the child seat, an audio connection and a device pouch enable little travellers to enjoy the finest in entertainment, without mum and dad having to listen to the child‘s radio play or favourite song in the front of the vehicle. In this way, the kids can lean back and relax and their heads remain protected by the headrest.

Air ventilation system

Fresh air keeps everyone happy. This is ensured by openings in the outer shell and mesh inserts in the seat cover, which allow for continuous air circulation. A greater level of comfort and well-being is impossible. Whether they are on a quick journey to see granny or with the whole family on holiday for the summer – the little explorers are kept in the best mood. Regardless of how long the journey is.

Patented HERO safety system

With the patented HERO safety system, your child can be simply and quickly strapped in. The unique HERO safety system combines shoulder pads, shoulder straps and headrest into a single unit and thus stops the harness from slipping and twisting. This saves time and worry during your everyday routine and above all increases safety on every trip.

Safety Features For Every Journey

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  • UN R44/04

External dimensions (W/D/H):

  • 44 / 47 - 53 / 56.5 - 80.5 cm


  • 8.6 kg


Find more measurements in our current RECARO Catalogue.


Precautionary product recall

Because we never compromise on safety - November 2020.



We do not list all compatible car models as there is a 100% match in the following cases without having a look into the list:

  • The Tian Elite can be installed universally using the vehicle seat belt in group 1/2/3 (9 - 36 kg) without using its Seatfix connectors on all forward facing vehicle seats equipped with a 3-point-belt approved according to ECE R16.

Continue your search, if:
...you want to use the Tian Elite in group 2/3 (15 - 36 kg) with its Seatfix connectors on a vehicle seat with ISOFIX anchorage points.

Is the compatible with my vehicle?

Please always check your car’s manual for possible notes/instructions/prohibitions from the manufacturer regarding the use of child seats in your car!

Sorry, this seat is not approved for your vehicle.

Reasons for denied approval can be:

  • Limited space for the child seat
  • 3-point-belt is too short
  • If it should occur that once the child seat is attached to the ISOFIX connection, and the seat covers the buckle there is no guarantee of a safe installation
  • Headrest of the car is not removable and prevents the child seat from being placed correctly
  • Storage compartment in the foot area does not allow installation of child seat or base with a supporting leg