The heroic sporting friend.

Young Sport Hero
9 - 36 kg | 9 months - 12 years | ECE-Group 1/2/3

Young Sport Hero

When travelling with your child is this comfortable, you don‘t even need to take a break. Dad takes a look in the back regardless and is pleased to see that everything is going well in the child seat. Aside from that, he is reassured that his son and our Young Sport Hero are on holiday at granny‘s together. The child seat can be removed or installed simply and quickly and secured in the vehicle using the seat belt.

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Universal installation

To ensure that the baby can also sit securely in the car when they are with granny and grandpa, the Young Hero Sport can be universally, quickly and simply installed using the vehicle‘s seat belt. Every family wishes for just such a hero.

Child seat that grows with them

One child seat for the whole childhood? The height-adjustable backrest with integrated headrest makes this possible. In this way, the child seat can be perfectly adjusted to the height of your child and automatically grows with them from nine months to twelve years.

Advanced Side
Protection (ASP)

Whether nipping to football training or off on a big holiday: the integrated protectors offer maximum protection on every journey. In the event of a side collision, they absorb the force that would act upon the child. This way, children and parents can travel reassured.

Seat angle adjustment

The sitting area in the child seat can be adjusted to the resting position for small children within group 1. So your child can enjoy the highest levels of comfort, sitting or sleeping.


Weighing around 8 kg, the Young Sport Hero can be quickly and easily lifted out of the vehicle, carried and reinstalled later. This makes things easier for mum and dad, but also for granny and grandpa. While we build our our child seats, they are always designed with the entire family in mind.

Patented HERO safety system

With the patented HERO safety system, your child can be simply and quickly strapped in. The unique HERO safety system combines shoulder pads, shoulder straps and headrest into a single unit and thus stops the harness from slipping and twisting. This saves time and worry during your everyday routine and above all increases safety on every trip.

Safety Features For Every Journey

  • 5-point harness system:
    The intuitive and central harness adjuster with HERO harness guide enables the child to be fastened into the seat securely and simply (gr. 1)
  • Seat reducer:
    For an optimal ergonomic fit from baby to small child (gr. 1)
  • Seating foam:
    Perfectly adapts to your child‘s body shape and provides the highest level of comfort
  • Coated belt tongues:
    Reduces heating up in hot weather – thus preventing your baby’s sensitive skin from getting hurt (gr. 1)
  • Marked belt guide:
    The correct installation is facilitated by red belt guide markings
  • Air ventilation system:
    The passive air ventilation system makes sitting throughout long journeys particularly pleasant
  • Reinforced armrests:
    Comfortable sitting for older children with comfortable armrests

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  • UN R44/04

External dimensions (W/D/H):

  • 58 / 50 / 63 - 71 cm


  • 8 kg


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Downloads & Manuals

Young Sport Hero - Manual EU

12.6 MiB

Young Sport Hero - Manual Asia

1.6 MiB

Is this seat compatible with my vehicle?

A child seat without an ISOFIX or SEATFIX connection has a general approval and can be installed on any car seat that is equipped with a 3-point belt in order to secure the child and the child seat. However, we always recommend a test installation at a specialized retailer to ensure compatibility with your car before buying. Check for any space limitations, the correct fitting and the length of the 3-point belt.